Old school” designs are back

If you like all things trendy then we have got a piece of good news to share with you. The prime era of vintage designs that you presumed is now a thing of the past is making a comeback and how. The designs and color palates are such that they are bound to transport you to the past decades and refresh your memories. Don’t wait for your favorite brands to produce these prints in their yields; get them reproduced on your clothes and accessories from a print on demand website. To furnish you with deeper insight, in the following section we will be jotting down the best old school designs that can alone make heads turn.

  • Space-themed designs

Remember the time when the world’s only superpower was aiming to reach the moon first. Every 90s kid, who has loved gazing into space and thought they too would, someday, take a trip to the world beyond and discover those mysterious celestial bodies. Therefore, elements like the alluring planets, mythical moons, stars, and rockets have a sense of mystic nostalgia attached to them. These designs, when printed on garments, will take you back to the simpler yet, exciting days.

  • Motorcycle Grease n’ story print

If we are asked to name one attraction about old school designs that will stand out for us any day over the others, then that would be the subtle hints of exaggeration. The “motorcycle grease n’ story” print has a simple lettering style but, it is the lines around the thin letters that make them solitary. If you are looking forward to incorporating some edge, opt for brighter colors like red and yellow so that you can be spotted in the crowd from a distance!

  • Microphone and music-themed prints

The 20th century is nothing less than a treasure trove of unparalleled music. All of us who cannot live without it will know the major genres that define contemporary music and the bands that popularized them flourished during this period. Thereby, if you want to time-travel and don something that reminds you of the great milestones our preceding generation achieved, there will be no better way of doing this besides microphone and music-themed prints on your apparels and accessories.

  • Cartoon-themed t-shirts

As far as delineating old-school designs on your belongings are concerned, there is hardly anything that can surpass the brilliance of cartoon prints. The most intriguing part is that is there will be a wide array of options for you to choose from. Get a single one printed, form a collage, or illustrate an out-of-the-box troupe of all the characters that you wished to see together on screen but, that never happened. The ball lies in your court, play as you please.

  • Skull-themed prints

The skull design is strictly classified under the category of vintage motifs; apart from its obscurity, the aesthetic implication is too gorgeous to be given a miss. The rudiments like skulls, crowns, wings, skulls, and other such complicated components of nature can be exhibited on the print. Because the beauty of the prints is essentially embedded in its hyperbolism, we would suggest that whenever you choose to get something printed from this group, it should be elaborate and somewhat enigmatic.

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